In the summer of 2013, the sneaker boutique Sole Classics released a Vans Vault sneaker called Carmen(photos below). It was wanted by people all across the the US and put Ohio in a great spotlight.

Sole-Classics-x-Vans-Vault-Era-Carmen-1-620x413 Sole-Classics-x-Vans-Vault-Era-Carmen-3-620x413 Sole-Classics-x-Vans-Vault-Era-Carmen-4-620x413

The Sole Classics team announced last week that they are currently working on another Vans Vault sneaker. They shared photographs of the process on Instagram from the Vans headquarters, check them out below.

10899386_1045234562169180_451775672_n 10899478_1511961769092499_600323910_n 10899496_854319264590157_1579632379_n We can’t wait to see what they come up with this time around. Lookout for it by following their Instagram for updates.



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