On the last Friday of every month a handful of Ohio’s young and promising creatives get together to throw one of the best parties that Ohio has seen in a long time, #CourtesyOf!¬†This is the fourth one being held in Columbus and word is that it’s going to be better than the other ones. I’m not sure how they’re going to top their amazing, past #CouresyOf events. Seeing how they’ve had live performances by Key! and LAMB$, DJ sets by Warren Peace, Corey Grand, and many more, documentation by William Foster that went viral, and… well you get the point. It gets wild. I guess we don’t have to understand how they’ll pull it off, just know that they will and you can’t miss out.

Below are photos from the last CourtesyOf.

10890782_571358896332794_1614569753_n 10899056_322470587950624_1168887318_n 10865044_1575230586029395_1153858846_n 10865122_769429773112605_113928300_n 10899059_1520497848232392_1176014111_n 10860116_1523792431222177_2013881592_n 10899389_805226326191628_322806485_n 10881966_762303483851147_1800199357_n#CourtesyOf is known for being a place where people who usually don’t “fit in” at typical bars/clubs can attend and feel right at home. The event is typically filled with cameras, artists, beautiful ladies, rare clothing items, wild antics, and everything else that you’d want in a cool, crazy night out. With that being said, see you there!



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