There are so many great artists coming out of Cincinnati right now, it’s exciting to watch the city develop. We had the pleasure of speaking with one of the gifted Cincinnati creatives, Kody Phillips, about his new collection. The 20 year old designer’s dedication is inspiring to say the least. His first two releases were created while he was homeless, working long shifts, and dealing with the loss of his mother. He’s managed to turn some tough personal experiences into amazing clothes. Read what Kody had to say about Collection no.1 s-15 pt.1 and more below.

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VANICE ALEXANDER: When did you get interested in Design?

KODY PHILLIPS: At first I got into graphic design when I was about 15 or so, I don’t know why. I started making some stupid hoodies with like some cheetah print on ’em and then ever since, I just knew I wanted to be into the shit. When I was younger my mama always made us dress nice whenever we went places, so I guess you could say she started it. I always liked dressing cool so I just decided why not. I started sewing and learning “proper” fashion design pretty recently. Just about 7-8 months ago really. Right now I love it but who’s to say it’s my passion or how long I’ll do it.

Can you tell us a bit about Coll. No.1 s-15 pt.1?

Coll. No.1 s-15 pt.1 stands for Collection Number 1 Spring 15 (I’m sure you picked up but for anyone who didn’t). Pt. 1 is really nothing, it’s just more of me showing what I can do and the path that my work in the near future is gonna sort of be like. Part 1 includes 2 pairs of bottoms
[camo pants with zipper on ankle / white paint splatter / strap on calf]
[Pair of skinny Coated denim]
2 tee shirts [one custom seamed oversized made of this grainy cotton material –cut and sew- ]
[one black – one cream colored with coated suede strip/and custom seams throughout]
[waxed n coated waterproof/wind resistant facemask]. coll.no1.s15.3 2015-03-31 13.31.27

What was the creative process behind making this collection?

There really wasn’t one. I don’t do anything else besides make clothes. Literally. So It’s really just a collection of my personal style. My old head at We Are Not Natives was kickin’ some knowledge and kind of just convinced me to stray away from my conceptual pieces and just show what I can do as a whole.

How do you feel right before releasing your clothes to everyone? 

The feeling can’t be described really. It’s like anger mixed with anxiety mixed with a feeling of self entitlement mixed with guilt and pretty much every feeling ever. I really like to be alone when I make a release…. Because I know I can do better and it’s just not fair to me or the fans giving them shit that isn’t the best. But then again I know it’s the best I can do with what I have and with the vision I’m trying to portray at the moment. I’m real picky. I want every stitch to be perfect. But on the other hand it feels good because I know people really watch the shit. It’s not like I’m talking to myself anymore. Some days I feel I can change the world but some days I feel I can’t even change myself. I love the feeling.

How would you describe your style overall?

My style is really basic. I don’t really like logos or prints or anything. For right now my style and work is more of how you can put it together rather than its looks individually. 2015-03-31 14.22.58 2015-03-31 14.23.04

If you could work with any individual or company today, who would it be?

Daniel Patrick, Nobless Couture, Hender Scheme, OATW, The Void Life, We Are Not Natives, and So visuals.

How do you feel about the current trends in fashion?

In the underground, they suck. Stop wearing those fucking hats, stop with the ripped up sweatshirts, stop drawing on shit, stop with the depressed recycled shit… In the real world, I like. Keep being fashion.

What’s next for Kody Phillips?

Immediately after this I’m dropping Part 2. It’s really small. Then I’m most likely starting my third conceptual piece. Then who knows. Everything is based off of a one day deciding period. I have no plans or schedule. Everything I do is just based off of how I feel in that 24 hour time period. So expect a bunch of random shit in the near future.

Thank you so much for the opportunity Kody, we can’t wait to see Part 2. 

Thank you very much for the opportunity to talk about myself.

All photographs by Hondo

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