photo of markbwavy by William Foster.
photo of markbwavy by William Foster.

You can’t talk about visual artists in Ohio’s street scene without mentioning markbwavy. If you follow the culture around here at all, then you’ve probably seen his photographs floating around on the World Wide Web. markbwavy photographs everything from portraits, products, architecture, landscapes, events, nightlife, and more. You name it, he shoots it! What we enjoy most about the young artist is his ability to capture candid shots that place us in his shoes, allowing us to relive special moments from street culture.

markbwavy is one of the most consistent photographers that we follow, constantly sharing quality photos and constantly evolving. Read our interview with markbwavy to learn more about his inspirations, goals, advice, and more.

_DSC60941 VANICE ALEXANDER: Can you tell Ohio Streets readers who you are?

MARKBWAVY: I’m Mark, also known as markbwavy, and I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio.I’m a creative, like a noun. I don’t like to say that I’m one particular thing, like a photographer, director, designer, etc. because I’m into a lot of shit and I don’t want to limit what I can do by a title. But right now photography is really big for me.

I think it’s incredible that you don’t limit your skills in any way, it definitely translates into your diverse body of photographs. When did you know that photography was something that you would do for the rest of your days?

I think I knew when I realized that photography genuinely makes me happy. Like from being in a moment, to taking photos, to editing it, to sharing the moment with people.

sun set

You have an interesting point of view, did you begin to see the world differently once you started taking photos often? 

Yeah, you could say that.

I think that I always saw the world different before I started taking photos though, I just hadn’t found an outlet to express that with.

Photography does make me pay more attention to details that I wouldn’t before like light, patterns, colors, etc. 041215_18

What do you enjoy capturing the most with your unique take on the world?

Honestly, I love all types of photography. I don’t really prefer one over the other at the moment. I think what

I enjoy capturing is authentic ass moments, for real. Like photos that could only have been taken if you were right there, that day, at that time, at that place, standing in the spot you took the photo.

I don’t know if that makes sense but those photos are my favorite.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Yeah, man that makes perfect sense. Because those are the photos that can’t be duplicated again by anyone, not even you. There’s a certain energy that can’t be recreated and that’s precious. If you could photograph any person, event, location, or object, what would it be?

Right now I really want to shoot with French-based designer Lauren Sfez and her brand L’ecole des femmes. I just love the visual philosophy of her work and I think that our aesthetics match…. and I’m low-key in love with her.

sula ohio

What’s your ultimate goal as a photographer?

To make people feel something and to aspire to inspire.

Do your family and friends ever get tired of you putting your camera in their faces? My family does *laughs*

*laughs* nah, but people definitely get tired of me dropping everything to take a photo or just stopping randomly to take pics with my phone while we’re walking or going somewhere.


Where do you draw inspiration for your shoots?

A lot of places really; personal experiences and interactions, they’re definitely heavily influences by music, movies, art, architecture, and books.

You shoot both film and digital, in what situations do you prefer film and in which do you like digital?

I shoot with my DSLR(digital camera) most of the time because that’s like my bread and butter, you can’t really beat the convenice and quality. Film is like personal documentation for me, moments that I want to capture without the audience in mind. I’ll probably still share my film work with people but that’s not what I take those photos for.

I’ve noticed that you enjoy traveling, what are 5 things that you can’t travel without?

Ehhh…. my camera equipment, MacBook, iPhone charger, cash, and a plug *laughs*


You document a lot of Ohio’s young creatives, how do you feel about Ohio’s culture right now?

I literally love the culture. The fact that I get to see this firsthand, let alone document it, is inspiring.


Do you have any advice for up and coming photographers?

The learning doesn’t stop. And don’t worry about if people like your shit or not, just make sure that you like it.


What’s next for markbwavy?

Just to keep growing really, going to have some showcases soon and start designing more. More flicks and more traveling.

Thanks markbwavy, good luck with everything! 

Stay updated with markbwavy’s work on Instagram and Twitter.


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