The late, great Frida Kahlo touched many people through her paintings and lifestyle, and that influence still rings loud and clear today. Two young artists in Cincinnati recently set out to pay homage to the legend through a powerful series of film photographs entitled A Frida Kahlo Study and the results are absolutely moving.

“The goal was not to mimic, however to explore the many dimensions of an artists’ metamorphosis.” says the photographer Chris “Magnus Juliano” Green. He and the model Toniesha Renee of OATW were able to do just that. Look at the photographs below, and I mean really look, every detail was purposefully taken into account in the creation of A Frida Kahlo Study.AFKSCover


If you’re interested in knowing more about the creatives behind the project, what some of the photographs mean to them, and more, visit Respect. Magazine HERE to read Toniesha’s exclusive interview with Chico Himself.




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