“A supportive mentor can mean the difference between struggle and success.” – President Barack Obama

All of the great things that we’ve grown to know and love about Ohio have been created and brought to us by the creatives around us, shaping us into the individuals that we are today. There’s no doubt that the Ohio Streets team and our readers have become better people with brighter futures thanks to the creative endeavors that we’ve taken on.

A great way to repay the individuals, brands, movements, etc. that have helped us live a better lifestyle is to pay a similar experience forward for the next generation. Ohio’s National Youth Advocate Program is giving us all the chance to do just that.

How many of your friends have you introduced to a new skill, creative community/scene, given tips about finding their path, or anything along those lines? Probably too many to count because it comes natural to us when we’re involved in the scene that we’re in. With the Central Ohio NYAP you can do those things for a foster child on a weekly to monthly basis, having a huge affect on their life.

If you’re interested in mentoring a child, these are the types of things that artists in Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Lakewood, Dayton, Lima, Newark, and Tallmadge may do:

  • Mentor a teen’s artistic growth by meeting with youth on a weekly to monthly basis
  • Facilitate basic workshops on the artistic process (simple strategies, programs, resources on the arts)
  • Share inspiring stories about their artistic journeys
  • Work with clinicians on the therapeutic process for adolescents
  • Assist youth in identifying art in their community and/or areas that would benefit from art
  • Bring art efforts into underserved communities/ community spaces
  • Display personal artwork in healing spaces within the center
  • Engage youth in understanding how art shapes people, culture, emotions etc.
  • Bring all creative ideas to the center to assist adolescents and families and the hero’s working on their behalf


Additional information about National Youth Advocate Program, Inc. may be found at www.nyap.org or 614-487-8758. Their toll free hotline is 1877-NYAP-CAN (1877-692-7226). Like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nyap.inc Twitter: 


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