It’s #OhioEntrepreneurs week here at Ohio Streets! We’ll be releasing articles, tweets, and a new original video to help aspiring entrepreneurs. Today, we’ll begin with some motivation.

Great films play a huge role in our everyday lives. From lightening up our mood with comedy and romance to making us rethink the way that we’re living our lives with drama and documentaries. In my opinion there’s nothing better than a movie that motivates you long beyond it’s opening week.

Here I’ve complied a list of great films that’ll push us all to let our entrepreneurial spirits shine, chase our dreams, and stop at nothing until we reach that finish line.

Man on Wire (2008)


This incredible documentary is about a Frenchman named Phillippe Petit who’s on a daring mission to tightrope between the rooftops of the New York World Trade Center’s twin towers. While on your journey to become an entrepreneur you’ll more than likely receive the same kinds of reactions that Phillippe did. You’re crazy, your dreams are impossible, no one has ever done anything like that so neither can you, you’re risking your life for what? Be inspired by Phillippe Petit, dream big, screw the naysayers, and stop at nothing.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)


In order to have some of the worlds greatest sushi you must call months in advance to reserve a seat and pay a hefty price. Jiro Ono didn’t build his fine establishment by aiming to be ONE of the greatest, but instead by obsessing over becoming THE greatest. Jiro’s absolutely incredible and touching story serves as a reminder of how hard one must work in order to leave behind a true legacy.


Paid in Full (2002)


This classic Black film is about 3 drug dealers living in Harlem during the 80’s crack epidemic. You may be wondering what an entrepreneur can learn from a crime film but there are always positive lessons to be taken away from negative situations. Just as quickly as these cats rise to power they can also be beheaded from their thrones. On your rise to the top don’t forget to keep your enemies close, remember everyone has ulterior motives, remain humble, and play the game smart. This is a story of rags to riches that you’ll have to revisit every once in a while.


The Godfather (1972)


America’s favorite crime saga. I’m sure you’ve watched these films a dozen times, counting back to your childhood years, but now that you’re older you’ll begin to take away different things from these masterpieces. Michael, played by Al Pacino, is the son of a mob boss who’s out to save his family’s business and more importantly their name. Protect your brand at all cost, fight for your business until you have no fight left in you.


Whiplash (2014)


This film is hands down one of the best pieces that I’ve watched in recent years. Although it begins on the slower side, it ends with a bang that will force you to reevaluate your life immediately. Andrew is a college drummer fighting through his literal blood, sweat, and tears to become an elite musician. His instructor is insanely tough on him, in ways that may be life threatening to many of us, but Andrew is so determined that he stands up to the challenges anyways. Greatness doesn’t come without a real fight, countless struggles, and sacrifices. If you aren’t willing to push through them then this isn’t the business for you.


The Social Network (2010)


I couldn’t create a list of films for entrepreneurs without including the story of Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg. There are countless things that you can takeaway from this movie so don’t hesitate to revisit it again and again, as you’ll find yourself realizing something new. For me, this movie is an example of why you should never let anyone hold you back. Had Mark let the small ideas of his investors, hesitation of business partners/friends, or anything other relationship hold back his vision, social media would not be what it is today. Don’t be afraid to outgrow the people and things around you, ever!


The Secret (2006)

This isn’t the greatest movie on the list but it does prove one of the greatest points, success is a state of mind. This documentary revolves around the Law of Attraction and the many great people who believe it in. Many of us know that like attracts like yet we still fail to use it to our advantage in our daily lives. Having a positive outlook on life, especially in the worst of times, is important for anyone but it’s crucial for entrepreneurs. If remaining positive is for you at times, you may find some helpful tips and perspectives here.


Interstellar (2014)


I have yet to see a movie that tops this one. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is off to space with a small team in hopes of saving mankind from Earth, which will be destroyed by a dust bowl soon. The only way that he can do this is by leaving behind his home, children, and father for decades. Living with a purpose can be really hard, but in the end we must trust that our sacrifices made for the greater good will outweigh the unfortunate losses that we had to take along the way.


The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)


This film is based on a true story about Chris Gardner (Will Smith), a man attemtping to make a better life for himself in the midst of losing his home, car, wife, and raising his young son alone. To know that people who are no different than you and I have made it from rock bottom with drive and passion is truly inspiring.  Put this on when you’re having a rough week. Things could always be worse and they can always get better.


Steve Jobs: One Last Thing (2011)


There are a number of books and movies about the late, great Steve Jobs. But in this documentary that originally aired on PBS, the way that people speak about Steve’s hunger, passion, and vision hits home for me. They’re also brutality honest about his unlikable side as well. Watch as Steve Jobs and the people who knew him best give insight into one of the greatest creators of our time.


Being an entrepreneur takes work. We all know that we must work on our business, but we must not forget to work on our minds as well. I hope that you’re able to find quick motivation and positive perspectives through these amazing films and get your mind back on track during rough times.


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