Ohio Streets is becoming a media outlet that allows people to learn about what is going on in Ohio’s urban culture but we have a long way to go before we can truly do that accurately and consistently. Many of our readers have a lot left to learn about their crafts as well, so why not learn, grow, and build together?

Today, we are excited to introduce a new original series of advice, where we sit down with successful individuals in a number of different fields and ask them for tips that will help people aspiring to follow similar career paths.

First up to share some gems is Vince, also known as Eso. He founded Heart & Sole, a sneaker boutique, at just 17 years old straight out of high school with two of his friends. Fast-forward 8 years later and H&S is still standing strong on Coventry, home to some of Cleveland’s best restaurants, bars, stores, and venues.

What began as a sneaker boutique has turned into a staple for many young Ohioans. Heart & Sole embraces and pushes the local culture day in and day out. I attended my first art showcase there, listened to local rappers perform at their basement parties, heard new music playing throughout their store while I shopped, and was introduced to many inspiring individuals that hung out there. Vince created a platform that allows him to expose people to parts of the culture that they never knew existed and he does it all while making a living from it.

If you thought that building a sustainable culture online was difficult imagine creating a sustainable community for a store! What Vince has cultivated did not come by accident or luck. He listened to what felt right to him, built his confidence, put in the long hours of work, and stuck to his vision throughout the ups and downs.

I stopped by H&S to speak with him about what he’s learned and done throughout his journey as an entrepreneur. It was a Monday so the shop was closed, but Vince uses that day to create. When I arrived he was getting messy in the basement, hand dying hats for the shop. While the caps were drying we talked about college, the power of the Internet, turning nothing into something, and more. Watch Advice For Entrepreneurs with Vince here.

Vince has always had the entrepreneurial spirit that he has today. His mom recalls times when Vince would figure out how to make money while playing outside. Once, he and his friends were drawing on the ground with chalk and Vince came up with the idea to charge their family and neighbors a quarter to walk through their art.

Although Vince was always the kid with a lemonade stand, he’s a firm believer that anything can be taught. Don’t let your current position in life, no matter how far behind you feel it is, stop you from working towards the goals you have in mind for yourself.

Vince’s face lit up more than ever while we discussed the will of a human. He sat up straight, smiled from ear to ear and starting talking with his hands, “The will of the human is NO JOKE!” he said. “Mom’s saving her kids by lifting up trucks and shit, that shit’s real.” He believes that when you love something enough, you won’t allow anyone or anything to stop you from doing it.

“The kid in the hood playing basketball could be a master at pottery and may never know it. We all have one thing that we’re amazing at.” says Vince. Be open minded, search for your thing, and “go hard as fuck!”

Catch Vince spinning at B-side on Sunday nights!




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