Columbus product, Bobby Biz, has a few million dollar schemes up his sleeve. The rapper, 123, is making waves right now throughout the 614. We had the chance to catch up with Biz and talk about his upcoming project, the future of Ohio music and more.

CHARLES COMBEST: What part of Columbus are you from?  

BOBBY BIZ: Born and raised on the Northside of Columbus, Ohio.

Growing up, what was your take on music? When did you first have that “this is what I should be doing” thought? Any inspirations to your song/rhymes?

Growing up as a kid I always had a strong passion for music. My aspirations were Tupac, BIG, Dipset, and Lil Wayne. When I was younger I was in a music group with my two cousins called Ob2use. It was legit, shows coming in, we were managed by my older cousin, who’s actually still one of my music advisors to this day. I just grew out of it though, we were all kids just living life.  But after I graduated from high school is when I knew for a fact I wanted to do this for life. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

Tell us a little about your upcoming project, Million Dollar Schemes? What vibe were you going for?

Million Dollar Schemes is my next project. I’ve been working on it for a minute now. Just trying to make sure everything is next level, beautiful music. Hype, slow, swaggy, waves for the ladies. You just don’t know what you’re going to get when you listen to this.

How did the project come about?

On my first tape, Flight 92, my very first track on the tape was named Million Dollar Schemes and I had my mom featured on the song. Ever since then I just ran with the idea of Million Dollar Schemes and been having million dollar schemes since then.

Who were some of the people who helped you make this body of work? Producers, rappers, etc.

My brother/super producer Harold is over my production. We’ve been cooking up a new wave for the culture that I feel like Ohio has been missing. My cousin Trav aka Trap Woody helps me stay motivated coming up with some concepts. My team just keeps me inspired to make good music. But I got a couple of good features on the tape which I’m not trying to give too much info on right now, but I know the people will love ’em.

If you could pick a few rappers from Ohio that you think we should keep a look out for who would it be?

Les, Trap Woody, Chris Spain, and Dxm the Gxd.

What do you think about the spirit of Young Ohio right now? A lot of us are around the same age, what can you predict for the next 5 years?

Ohh in 5 years this will be one of the biggest music markets. We’re growing at a consistent pace for the culture right now. Insomniacs down in the Natti going crazy. Tezo, Ezzy, and Lil Cray got Cleveland going crazy. YOP got Dayton, and we are Columbus. I feel pretty good about Young Ohio. I want to shout out AnimalxHouse and Ohio Against The World too. I feel like they are pushing the culture in the right direction for Ohio. But everybody just gotta keep working and stay focused. Stay off the hating shit.

You have your new music video “Wave” premiering with us tomorrow. What was it like being down in Miami, shooting with Kendal Mathis and Seven? These visuals are very next level. 

This is for the people and hopefully everybody will rock with the video as much as we do. I feel like Kendall Mathis out did his self with this I’m very proud of bro. My lil brother Seven (goodguysco) helped out big time with helping everything come together and helping me direct this.

What did you want to accomplish with this video?

I’m just looking to grow after everything that I do.

When can we expect you to drop your upcoming tape?

Very very soon. Maybe tomorrow ? next week?  next month?  Whenever I do drop just know it’s going be worth the wait and well put together.

What are you looking to do next? 

Move around a little bit and do a couple shows and do a couple more big features and just stay locked in the studio making music for the people. That’s most important.

Watch the premiere of Bobby Biz’s new video “Wave” tomorrow on Ohio Streets.


  1. Bobby Biz & Dxmthegxd are def two of the most talented artist in OHIO! Get it quick yall not gonna wanna miss this wave!


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