Cincinnati-based photographer markbwavy has been busy all year, documenting some of the best moments in the culture, shooting for some of our favorite brands, and now he’s right back with a touching photo story.

With direction from lonevisions and the effortless delivery from the subject, Pacc of TIMG, the Everyday’s a Jugg photoset gives us a much more personal and honest look into the lives of peoples stories that we often don’t understand.

After a lot of brainstorming for the story, markbwavy, lonevisions, and Pacc spent a day executing their vision and from the looks of the final results, they didn’t miss a single detail. These three guys take us on the journey of the protagonist’s daily life, where each scene is inspired by real life situations that they’ve seen or gone through.

Really take a moment to look at each photograph and consider why things are the way that they are, and not just the immediate situations depicted, but in life overall. I’m sure these will get your brain working, they did for me.

072215EAJ_COLOUR_2072215EAJ_COLOUR_3 072215EAJ_COLOUR_4 072215EAJ_COLOUR_11072215EAJ_COLOUR_18072215EAJ_COLOUR_22072215EAJ_COLOUR_21072215EAJ_COLOUR_14072215EAJ_COLOUR_27072215EAJ_COLOUR_26072215EAJ_COLOUR_32072215EAJ_COLOUR_31072215EAJ_COLOUR_29The protagonist is a human just like you and I, there’s much more to him than what meets the eye. Before you assume anything about someone’s lifestyle and what they go through, remember that we all have a backstory and most of the time we can’t see our full picture let alone another persons.



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