Doobie and Krash Minati Share Their Impressive “Sanitarium” Collaboration [VIDEO]

“You ain’t been on the road, how the f**k did you pave the way”

Just the other day, rappers Doobie and Krash Minati unveiled their latest joint effort on Soundcloud, “Sanitarium”. After a eerie intro, Doobie opens up the haunting beat that he produced, honestly pouring out his demons with a flow that you’ll feel instantly. His drug infused lines (no pun intended) are easily enjoyed by the soberest of humans, like myself. Krash Minati comes in on the second verse, adding that cocky feel that we all love about rap.

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After hearing this, I had to watch the Dream-directed music video for it. It began with a close up of Doobie nose-deep in powder, giving us not only a visually pleasing shot but also setting the tone for what’s to come in this stellar piece. Watch above as Doobie and Krash Minati go on a journey to fight the evils that be in “Sanitarium”. I’m excited to see what SCFMG Music does next!




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