Last night, Shawn Khemsurov and C.J. Townsend brought us the first ever “Trapathon.” This event was created to be able to bring something to the city that has a small club vibe but can still get rowdy when it wants to. The venue was a spot in Clintonville called
Spacebar, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was a great size for people to be able to kick back, do their own thing, but still feel a part of the crowd. Shawn and C.J. are hoping to make Trapathon a monthly occurrence and looking for the next one to be mid-December.

Not only did the space bring good vibes, but so did the people. Everybody was enjoying their drinks, dancing, socializing, and just having a genuinely good time. Speaking of drinks, the best one I had all night was the “lean cup.” The concept was hilarious, so I had to try it. This was the signature drink of the night and included Sprite, raspberry juice, vodka, and jolly ranchers. They plan on adding some more fun drinks as time goes on.

The night started with sounds from Juan Ted as the opening DJ and transitioned into C.J.’s set to close out the rest of the night. There was even a surprise performance from Lil Boofy, who absolutely killed it. This was his first time performing and he had the place so hype. That was the best thing about the night, being able to see that everybody could be in a chill, welcoming environment but when the right song comes on they are ready to turn up. Shawn and C.J. are thinking about making these short performances a part of Trapathon’s agenda from time to time, to give light to some great artists and also pump up the crowd.

Long story short, this event was a blast filled with down to earth people and great music. Make sure you attend the next one and don’t forget to order your lean cup.

Photos by Anna Maconachy

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