Correy Parks’ “PAYDAY” Feels Better Than When The Direct Deposit Hits! [SONG]


Hailing from Columbus, Correy Parks delivers another undeniably great song! He’s having one of the best years and this week he reminds us that although it’s coming to a close, it’s far from over for him. Correy is dropping quality songs, videos, and performing constantly, leaving no room for anyone to take his work out of rotation in 2015.

His latest offering, “PAYDAY”, is nothing short of incredible. What begins to seem like a stripped down version of an early 90s R&B love song, quickly swells into a lush,  lofty beat by reallyraw. In true Correy Parks fashion, heavy themes are showered underneath light and catchy flows that anyone can enjoy. When the song drops, you’re immediately taken by the production and memorable rhyme schemes, just before noticing that there’s a lot more to Correy Parks music than its immediate captivating vibes.

Gliding from rapping to singing and back to rapping again, the budding artist’s passion is so strong that it feels like you were meant to be right where you are, listening to what he has to say. It’s music that you can feel in your bones, and many rap artists can’t offer that these days. In “PAYDAY”, it’s clear that Correy Parks is not looking to his left and his right, paying attention to what’s working for other artists. He’s looking ahead at the path the he was chosen for, bringing something fresh, unique, and creative to the scene with each and every release.

The song ends too soon, coming to a close at the 2:22 mark. After listening to “PAYDAY”, the only thought on my mind is “When will The Road Less Traveled EP release”. At this point, it’s like Correy can do no wrong. Listen to the song below to see what I mean for yourself. Take notes.

That was insane right? From the flows to the content and the wordplay, Correy has IT.

Recently, Correy Parks took a trip to Chicago to perform. Cameron Granger was alongside him and friends to document the moments on camera for the first The Lock & Key Chronicles. This isn’t like any other vlog or BTS video that you’ve seen before. Cameron uses his cinematic style of filming and editing to highlight the great vibes of Correy and his gang. We can’t WAIT for more of these. Correy and his team are really raising the standards for how things should be done.

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