Editor’s Notes: Kid Cudi has always been an unconventional rapper. But on Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, he gets even weirder, taking inspiration from the hyper-confessional ‘90s indie scene. On “Confused!”, over some crunchy guitar and primal drumming, Cudi rattles off suicide scenarios next to lines like, “These walls ain’t talking back/Might as well finally paint them black/I’m out of ideas.” “The Nothing”’s scrappy lo-fi vibes sound like a Nirvana four-track demo. Want the old Cudi? The shuffling drum tick of “Adventures,” which plays like an old-school break, is about as hip-hop as this one gets.CTs9ig3UEAEtJQA

Well, I’m off to go download my copy of Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven now! I’ll post a review after I give it a few good spins. Download your copy on iTunes and purchase a hard copy on December 18th!


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