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Zach Jeckering

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, a city of hardworking middle-class citizens, 24-year-old Zach Jeckering is no stranger to hustling. Working at Wood Burl Coffee by day and creating for Hooligans Tribe at night, Zach built his budding streetwear clothing brand from zero.

In early 2011 the idea clicked and by 2013, Zach was working with patterns and sewing his own pieces because manufactures minimum prices were too high. The three solid triangles hovering above a line that he designed would become the logo for the business that he always wanted to start. Hooligans Tribe was born and Zach was on his way to bringing Ohio a much needed, authentic and clean brand for the streets.

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With heavy roots in skate culture, the DIY mentally is important to Zach and his brand. Nearly everything coming from HT at this point is done in-house. Designing, cutting, sewing, screen printing, photography, creative direction, etc. all pass through Zach and if anyone else helps these days, it is probably his friend Brenden Schindler.  Zach does credit Mason Schindler and Erik Ullrich for really giving the brand life in the beginning, and photographers Jake and William Foster for their assistance with photos.

Zach is self-taught in everything that it takes to run HT, “I’d rather put my money towards the tools and figure it out myself” he told us. Having full control and being involved in every part of the process will pay off big time for him in the long run.

Zach Jeckering is no stranger to repurposing items and turning them into something completely different. Some of his standout pieces of 2015 were jackets and sweaters turned into HT bags (pictured below).

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The great taste level that he’s developed throughout his life in musicart and more transfer well into the high standard of quality that he demands from himself and therefore his brand. With each and every piece released, Zach proves that he is a student of his craft before anything else. He’s constantly learning new skills that can further Hooligans Tribe.

Recently, HT began screen printing themselves and because of that, the design for their latest bag came on a whim during the holiday season. The sold out, limited edition HT All Over Duffel came about because Zach had 2 extra yards of white fabric laying around, and decided to cut out his own patterns and screen print them. “I spent my New Years Eve cooped up in my bedroom sewing them together” said Zach.

duffeltop zipper

Hooligans Tribe is a prime example of why Dayton, Ohio is known as Gem City. Zach Jeckering of Hooligans Tribe is just one of the many hidden gems that were bred in the city.

Hooligans Tribe is just the beginning for the young designer. When asked where he’s headed, Zach replied “The overall goal would be to make a platform to create whatever. I’d be lying if I said I knew what direction it’s headed in or even what I want to do with it. It’s been my tool to learn skills that allow me to express myself and connect with others. It gives me hope for the future and a strong drive to create in the present”. Wherever he is headed, I know that it will be great.

While I was in the process of writing this piece, Zach received props from one of the undeniably best streetwear designers coming up, @ZACFTP of FTP, for turning an old hoodie into a backpack. This is not a compliment to be taken lightly and Hooligans Tribe is not a brand to be taken lightly either. We’re expecting great things from HT this year and so should you.

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