The number of credible Ohio brands is truly increasing by the minute. It seems like everyday you’re getting a new follow on Instagram or Twitter from a brand that’s trying to grow. Here at Ohio Streets, we respect the hustle and passion that these creators have and wanted to highlight some of our favorite brands coming from home. Here are the clothing brands (and stores) to keep an eye on throughout the New Year, in no particular order. We’ve also decided to provide photos of some of our favorite releases from each brand so that you can get a better idea of what to expect this year.

1. Ailis Kingdom.

Created by: DaRaun (@DaRaun)

City of Origin: Cincinnati

An innovative, futuristic brand that keeps its releases slim but always perfectly executed. It’s crucial that you make sure you don’t miss the next one. This might be one of the most unique brands that we’ve seen come out of Ohio and it’s only getting better as time progresses.




2. Hooligans Tribe

Created by: Zach (@itsnotaclub)

City of Origin: Dayton

Hooligans Tribe is always putting out new items of great quality. You never know what they will release next. Zach has one of the most interesting creative minds in the Midwest and seems to always be able to create something out of nothing.



Created by: Ted (@TedBizon)

City of Origin: Cleveland

One of the best things about this brand is their motto of selling “gender-free concept garments.” RVAH will add some refreshingly unique pieces to your wardrobe. They provide clothing of great quality that you otherwise wouldn’t come across,


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4. Sole Classics (Located at 846 N. High Street)

Created by: Dionte (@DionteJohnson)

City of Origin: Columbus

Sole Classics is a go-to for a lot of people in Columbus because they know that the store will always be stocked with the freshest clothes, shoes, and accessories. Whether it’s their own “Prime” brand, Kingsrowe, or other well-known brands like Nike they’ll have you looking and feeling great. They’ve also done collaborations with amazing brands like Vans and The Hundreds. Preparing for their 10 year anniversary collaboration with Vans, you know it will be a great year for Sole Classics.


5. Ohio Against the World

Created by: Floyd (@FloydFromOhio)

City of Origin: Cincinnati

OATW, a brand that has broken the mold and pushed boundaries for the whole state, is always creating to make you happy. We are confident that 2016 will be no exception to their constant releases that make everybody excited to be from Ohio. We’ve also peeped on Twitter/Instagram that they have a new hoodie coming out in the Spring. Don’t miss out!



6. Compliment USA

Currently sold at MADE & Co. Gallery (1196 N. High Street)

Created by: Diamoni (@suprsvnx)

City of Origin: Columbus

They’re newer to the game but we’ve already noticed that Compliment provides consistently sleek, simple, yet eye-catching streetwear. As we’ve seen before with his brand Good Guys Co., Seven creates some great streetwear pieces. It seems that they are always preparing for what’s next, so they won’t be lacking in merchandise to cop this year.





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