DXM THE GXD is set to drop his new project, $teezu$ Christ, tomorrow. As a preview of the anticipated tape we’re pumped to premiere your new favorite song, Pablo Madden. Joined by fellow Columbus artist Bobby Biz and TIMG artist Midwest Millz, the track is an instant hit! While DXM handles the hook and last verse, the artists featured float through their verses.

The track came together when DXM received a draft of the track from Bobby Biz produced by The Lost Planets. The two worked on the song with Midwest Millz wanting parts after hearing the song at the Tory Lanez soundcheck. And from there history was written.

“5 kilos in my pea coat like I’m Pablo.”

We spoke with DXM about his upcoming project and what to expect. Here’s what he had to say: “…addressing my feelings about what’s going on and showing everyone that I’m here and this is just the beginning this year.”

As Ohio continues to grow sonically you can expect more and more from these three. And don’t forget to listen to $teezu$ Christ tomorrow!


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