DatNewCudi.com is a site dedicated to all things Kid Cudi. Over the years it’s become clear that they are very serious about connecting with fans and portraying the most pure form of who Cudi is not only as an artist, but simply as a human. The site has grown immensely since it was started by Kid Cudi and his friends Dennis and Marcus in 2008. Fast-foward to 2016 and you’ll find Andrew Winston at the head of it all. He’s taken control of the site and continues to bring it more and more success.


Recently, Andrew has been focused on a very unique project making jackets inspired by Cudi’s recent album, “Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven.” There were 26 jackets made; one named after each track on the album. Back in December he allowed fans to preorder, and they are set to be sent out soon along with a copy of the album. He even has a great story about how he ended up giving Cudi a jacket of his own.

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You can view all of the jackets here

We got to ask Andrew a few questions

Q: Where are you from?

A: I grew up in Pasadena, CA and have been back in forth from there and New Orleans, LA where I am currently studying digital art at Tulane  University.

Q: Who created/works for DatNewCudi?

A: DatNewCudi was created back in ’08 by Scott and a few friends, Dennis and Marcus. I found that out when I met Scott and Marcus for the first time early this month. My name is Andrew Winston and I’m 19 years old.  I started writing for DatNewCudi over a year ago after reaching out to the email in hopes to help contribute to the site. After writing for a while I was asked to take over majority of the responsibilities with the website including managing social media, writing posts, creating any exclusive content, and making sure the site is kept up in shape.

Q: Have you ever been to Cudi’s home state of Ohio?

A: Unfortunately I haven’t been to Ohio yet. But I do have full intentions on visiting the state, it is definitely a huge part of Cudi’s life and would be awesome to get an insight on what it was like for Cudi to live there early in his life. Also I have heard some great stuff is happening over there lately, including your website! A dream of mine would be to eventually check out Cleveland for a Kid Cudi concert.

Q: Cudi normally seems to resonate with people who are different, passionate, and maybe even “outsiders.” Would you consider yourself somebody who doesn’t really fit into this small box that the world creates for us?

A: Yea I would. America’s society especially during this century has made it so hard to explore things and make a living while doing so. There are so many limitations put on us and this idea is also said in one of Cudi’s lyrics in the song “Burn Baby Burn” where he says “so many things people want to limit you to be.” Cudi definitely has done his job by not limiting himself to anything. I mean this new album proves that he was able to make 26 song punk grunge album because he wanted to.  Scott definitely has a lot of valuable things to say and has the perfect platform to do so. Really is fuckin’ awesome of him to teach a lot of things about life, drugs, sadness, addiction, society, family, etc. to everyone who really wants to sit and listen to his music and story.

Q:  How has that affected your life creatively and  mentally? 

A: All of these ideas have inspired me throughout my life whether it be dealing with personal issues or working on a new creative project. Today’s society praises mediocrity because it is what the masses want and what makes money, but what really is admirable is breaking boundaries and doing some crazy new stuff. Regardless if no one likes it, if at least one person genuinely likes it you’re doing something right. Scott’s new album might not have been his best selling, but the people who do actually love it and appreciate are the ones who are on a certain level of understand of what he is trying to do and has been doing since day one. Sorry I keep relating everything back to Scott, but he really is a huge inspiration to me on all levels.

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Q: Do you have any favorite artists from Ohio? 

A: I’ll admit I didn’t know too many artist out of Ohio, but talent really comes out of everywhere in the US. Of course I like King Chip because he’s been doing his thing with Cudi since the early days. They were a sick combination back then. As far as any other rappers, I’d say no just because I have not really looked into it more deeply. Oh, and Bone Thugz N Harmony. I know they came from Ohio. So shoutout to them.  Also have to shoutout Ohio for producing Nine Inch Nails and one of my new favorite bands, Cloud Nothings.

Q: What gave you the confidence to continually seek out opportunity at DatNewCudi? 

A: Datnewcudi has been a huge part of my life since it came about in ’08. I remember just going on once a week at least to see what was going on. As a fan site with dope material there wasn’t anything like it. They always had the best and most authentic info. When I saw an opportunity come about and realize I hadn’t paid that much attention to the site, I reached out. I love writing and was beginning to write even more as the opportunity came about. I used to write in high school for a local music blog from some kids in my city, it was good fun and open a door for wanting to do it more. The main thing for me was if I am going to be putting time and effort into something I want it to be something I genuinely care about. When DatNewCudi came along I couldn’t think of a better team to join. I started off as just a writer with limited access but then eventually found myself running the site. It’s been fucking awesome.

Q: What made DatNewCudi so successful and not just another blog to be swept under the rug? 

A: The initial intention/idea behind the site was to create an outlet for Scott to promote his music early on in his career and gain a strong fan base. It was really smart of them to establish a website where fans could interact and get the latest exclusive info on Scott. It really became the go to place for all things Kid Cudi. I think this made the website extra special early on. They were really good about getting Scott’s ideas out the way he wanted them to be. Especially having the website sponsor one of Cudi’s early mixtapes Dat Kid From Cleveland. Since then it’s been up and down with the content and passed along for years.

Q: Your latest project, The Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven jacket, is amazing. The detail is incredible and the whole concept is like a dream for a hardcore Cudi fan. How did you come up with the idea? 

A: This project actually started off as a sketch in my notepad at work before the album even came out. I was really excited for to hear the punk/rock sounds with his personal style. I sketched the font in hopes to create something really rock-esque and simple. Then the anarchy logo came into mind as I am always seeing Scott’s twitter where he refers to himself as an musical anarchist which I think is a great way to describe him and the album Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven proves that. Then drew out some different designs trying to get a “K” in there to kinda make it a new Kid Cudi logo that really describes him. After that I thought what is more rock than a vintage denim jacket? I just bought one to give to Cudi when I was gonna go see him in Dallas, then the tour got cancelled and I posted the photo on our instagram and got a lot of positive feedback. From there I came up with the idea of making 26 unique different jackets in celebration of each song on his album. I didn’t want to mass produce anything because in the end it is Kid Cudi’s work I just happened to be inspired by it.

Q: The fact that he was able to receive one of the jackets as well makes it even better. What was the experience like giving him his personal jacket? Can we hear the story? 

A: Giving him his jacket was a dream come true. I happened to be in LA early January when he rented out a movie theater for fans to watch the new Star Wars: Force Awakens. I also happened to bring my jacket with me which was the only I had done at the time. So anyways I show up there decked out with my Kid Cudi x Bape Mr. Rager shirt with my Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven jacket and waited to see what was going on. I was one of the first people there. Long story short I was running around looking for the guy who was giving the tickets out and I missed him somehow. Felt pretty bummed but decided to wait it out and see if I still might have the opportunity to meet him. I approached his friend who gave out the tickets, Marcus, and started making small talk and mentioned the site to him. From there he told me his history with the site and we exchanged numbers and chatted a bit. I asked him if he could give the jacket to Scott and sure enough Scott comes walking in wearing his dope jedi robe and acting a clown. I couldn’t believe it. He approached Marcus and I and made small talk as fans were screaming in the lobby and he let his friends and family in. Once they were all in he had a two tickets left and looked up at me and offered them to me. I had two other friends with me and he let them both in. I walked in with him told him thanks and handed him the jacket showed him the design told him I made it for him, I don’t even remember what he said but it was appreciative and he admired it.  I held on to the jacket while he ran in the movies and he then let me sit in his row. I waited after the show and told him thanks again and handed him the jacket. It wasn’t necessarily the one I wanted to give to Scott just because I was excited to see the rest and was hoping he could pick out the one he wanted. But I had to do what I had to do. He took it with a smile and that was it.

Q:What would you tell someone who has a dream and isn’t sure where to begin? 

A: It all begins with the dream. The fact that you had the dream in the first place means something to you. It’s a feeling and there is no need to put it aside for any reason. Start small doing little things that will eventually help you in the long run. Maybe writing for the music blog in high school was kinda shitty, but it helped me get some experience right? Every action no matter how small is building up to something. Each one is a step. It’s crazy how things work out in life I would have never thought I’d be running DatNewCudi. And that opportunity lead me to meeting fuckin’ Scott.  Stick with whatever you are passionate about and follow that shit. Who cares if its lame to other people, fuck them. If you like then go for it. Not everyone is going to understand your dream and you’ll have to leave them behind and find some new people who admire and appreciate what you’re doing. Keep those people around. You don’t need many, but a few can make the difference and positive help you out along the way.

Q: You’ve mentioned that you always try to be working on something new. Now that the Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven jackets are practically finished, what’s next? 

A: YES. Always trying to think ahead and create some quality and creative things. There is nothing like seeing your ideas come alive. The jackets were just the beginning for the site I am hoping to create some other cool things for the site and kinda get DatNewCudi recognized more. I’D LOVE TO HELP SCOTT DESIGN SOME THINGS ONE DAY. Ha, maybe he will read this. That tweet about interns really got me thinking. Right now I’m working with a friend on a DatNewCudi x Converse design that will be coming very soon. It’ll be another limited release. We should have some samples done soon. I’m really excited, they’re going to be wicked.

Q: What is so special about Kid Cudi fans and why do you want to reach out to them? 

A: Damn this question is tough. For me personally, I think Scott attracts a certain type of person. A lot people don’t know the real Scott for example you can walk in almost any place and play the song “Pursuit of Happiness” out loud, and majority of the people will know the song and sing along because it was a hit and is an awesome song. Then you could play another song like “Don’t Play This Song” and they won’t even know it’s Kid Cudi or any words to it. To me that isn’t a fan. There’s a certain level of understanding to be a fan and I think our site attracts those individuals. Especially recently with Scott’s alternative album Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, to understand a lot of it you also have had to listen to all of his previous albums, ALL of them, not just a few songs. It has been a hell of journey to follow Scott’s life through his music and different projects he is working on. He’s got my highest admiration and been a huge influence on my life, as well as thousands of other people. He provides a way to not feel alone. There’s a certain connection that people feel with Cudi and to find other’s out there is a whole new aspect of Scott’s powers. I could sit down and talk to anyone about Cudi any day and I love helping people understand. It really is awesome interacting with some fans who feel the same way.

Q: What advice do you have for young entrepreneur’s trying to grow a brand from the ground up? 

A: Number one advice is stick with it. If it’s something your passionate about and care about stick with it. Even if it doesn’t blow up it’s all a learning experience. Shit, I’m young entrepreneur trying to do the same thing as everyone else, I try to constantly stay working on things and have ideas all the time. Like Scott said in his Ted X SHHS speech, “there’s no difference between me and you, I just really wanted this shit…I wanted it bad.” I draw a lot of inspiration from’s those words. I’m also a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. My story of being in this position and then meeting Scott has been the perfect example of that. It’s opened a lot of doors for me as a young creative. Stick to your vision and get all your ideas out. Things do come around and make sense eventually.


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