93 Year Old Woman Finally Gets Diploma She Was Denied for Being Married

photo via bigstory.ap.org

In 1942, there were certain rules that denied married students the right to obtain a high-school diploma. Looking back at this logic in the year of 2016 it seems completely ridiculous, and we’re beyond happy to see 93 year old Dorothy Liggett receive her high-school diploma that she was just two weeks away from obtaining in her younger years when officials realized she was married. She was told to go to study hall because she had forgotten her clothes for gym class to which she then replied, “No, I’m married. I’m going home.” This is when the school took action and applied their policy of banning married students.

After receiving a letter from Liggett’s daughter about the situation, the Superintendent of Akron Public Schools said “I felt terrible for the way Mrs. Liggett was treated all of those years ago and wanted to do what we could to make it up to her,” James said. “To have invested 13 years in school, to have been a good student and still not receive a diploma because of that, was simply wrong.” James ended up personally handing Liggett her diploma at a special ceremony to honor the woman.

It’s great to see this woman finally achieve a goal in her life that she should have been able to meet 75 years ago.


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