Capitalizing on the success of “FUKK KARMA 2” and his big start to 2016, Lamb$ and the Insomniacs are going on tour!


Lamb$ and the collective will be starting the “FUKK KARMA Tour” next week. The six city tour starts Sunday, April 10th in Nashville and ends May 1st in L.A.; with performances from fellow Insomniac, Midwest Millz and Indiana artist Poindexter. Lamb$ also made sure to throw in a big hometown stop on the “FUKK KARMA Tour” with a show at Bogarts in Cincinnati featuring Lil Uzi Vert!

Tickets will be available as the tour goes on so keep an eye out. Until then, follow Lamb$ on SoundCloud and check out some live footage of Lamb$ and the Insomniacs courtesy of AnimalXHouse below!

Twitter: @insomniaclamb$ @insomniacmillz @Poindexter__


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