Ohio Bill Could Let Pastors Deny Performing Same-Sex Marriages [NEWS]

Photo via CNN

Three weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court’s historical decision to allow same-sex marriages last year, a proposal was introduced to the Ohio House that would allow no Ohio clergy to be required to solemnize a marriage or have their church property used to host a ceremony that’s against their religious beliefs according to wdtn.

People spoke in favor of this Pastor Protection Act during a hearing this past February and a legislative panel is set to hear the opponents of this bill soon.

Wdtn reported that “the bill’s sponsor, Nino Vitale, an Urbana Republican, has said the proposal isn’t an issue of discrimination, but about protecting pastors”.

Now, none of this information means that the act will be brought into law soon if it ever does, there are still more steps left to go. But we do expect to hear a lot more Acts similar to this surface and be considered since allowing same-sex marriage is a huge change for our nation. Keep your eyes peeled for these issues as the months go on.


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