Cleveland’s tobacco sales age 21 and over starting Thursday [NEWS]

photo: Mirror Daily

The “Tobacco 21” law was passed by Cleveland’s city council in December of 2015 by a 13 to 3 vote.

If you are under the age of 21, you will no longer be able to purchase tobacco in the city of Cleveland beginning Thursday, April 14th. Retailers are now supposed to ID anyone that looks under 30 years old before allowing them to purchase tobacco, cigarettes, or e-cigarettes.

The first offense for violating law Tobacco 21 will be a fourth degree misdemeanor which could result in 30 days imprisonment or a $250 fine. Additional violations would be a third degree misdemeanor and that penalty could be 60 days imprisonment or a $500 fine.

According to wkyc, a Ohio State University College of Public Health study shows that raising the minimum age to 21 will decrease the number of young adults ever taking up smoking because most smokers begin by 18 and nearly none started smoking after 21.


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