Looking to have your next event, design, photos, art, music, film, clothes, etc. shared on Ohio Streets?

Send us whatever you’re planning to release before you drop it and include the release date OR you can send us something that you have released within the last 3 days. With this method, we can review your submission and publish an article closer to the day that it releases, opposed to a week later. Unfortunately, at Ohio Streets we won’t be able to accept submissions over 3 days old.

Please include the following information in your email:

  1. Send it to (DON’T FORGET THE DASH)
  2. Name of person that created the content
  3. What city in Ohio they represent
  4. Include link(s) to work
  5. Attach photos of artists or flyers
  6. List of Twitter handles of everyone who worked on the content
  7. You may also include bio’s, website links, etc.

Thanks for your consideration. We will get back to you soon.