If you’re not familiar with the names Digital Madrid or Kadeem Fletcher, you need to get hip. Kadeem is the Co-founder and Editor in Chief of ILS Mag as well as the creator of Digital Madrid.  DM is a platform that he created to be able to showcase the work of unique and immensely talented young artists.ILSparticipants

The idea was born in 2013, brought to life in 2014 with Digital Madrid 1, 1.5, and 2, and has come back stronger than ever the third time around. Ohio’s own William Foster, DaRaun Crawford, and Claybourne Bujorian are among the young artists to be featured on DM3. Beyond the featured Ohioans, you will see work from skillful creatives like Touré Ali, Mac Shoop, KACEYKAL!, and many more who are all thoroughly deserving of their spot in DM3.  I can guarantee you’ve never seen anything like the art that is presented to you here. You will be blown away by the organic talent that these creatives are showcasing as they take you into a whole other realm of life through their work.  Below are some sneak peeks of what you will see when you visit dm.TheILSMag.com and view Digital Madrid 3.

Clay DaRaun Will MacShoop05_yeezy234-1024x682WHY-SO-BLUE-01-1024x902


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