Last Friday, the man behind iLTHY took a step back from the streetwear brand to put his personal artwork in the spotlight. The self-proclaimed art machine, Glen Infante, has truly lived up to the hype of that name over the past few years. From having his hands in some of the best paintings, graphic designs, illustrations, products, photographs, and more, Glen has been cranking out enough consistent material to be considered a machine for a while now.

If Glen Infante’s the machine, then the streets and pop culture are the factories he can be found in. He filled every (unsigned) wall inside of Cleveland’s RED Space gallery with new and old paintings. Many of his pieces reimagined our favorite artists, television characters, and athletes.

Pulling up to the gallery, I passed by large groups of people making their way to the entrance, and before stepping a foot inside I knew that it would be a great night.

Once I made my way to the parking lot, I was greeted by Cleveland’s favorite taco spot, Fired Up. The moment that they opened, a line began to form and people began making their way back outside.

IMG_8307IMG_8199 IMG_8245 IMG_8236 IMG_8249

IMG_8227 IMG_8223 IMG_8303 IMG_8201

Seeing all of Glen’s work in one big, well lit location gave me a new appreciation for his work. There are many details in his paintings that can only be admired in person. I overheard many conversations of people talking about his choice of subjects, use of colors, and consistency throughout the night. I guess I wasn’t the only one that got more than what I expected and that says a lot for an artist who is already considered one of the best around.
IMG_8280 IMG_8215 IMG_8260 IMG_8278 IMG_8212 IMG_8211 IMG_8205 IMG_8268 IMG_8282 IMG_8276 IMG_8275 IMG_8209 IMG_8272 IMG_8277

My favorite piece from the night was Glen’s beloved Kermit the Frog puppet. If you don’t know him, then you’re really missing out. Glen’s Snapchat  is one of the most interesting, thanks to Kermit’s annoyingly funny antics.

IMG_8270 IMG_8290

If you missed this exhibition, you missed out.

IMG_8219 IMG_8305 IMG_8222 IMG_8258 IMG_8255

Follow Glen on Twitter, Instagram, and visit his site


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