There’s no doubt that Ohio has a lot of young, budding artists on the rise. Cleveland has been known for being a Midwest hotbed  of talented rappers for as long as I can remember, but in recent years artists from both Cincinnati and Columbus have started to step up to the plate.

One who caught our eye quickly was Correy Parks of The Lock and Key Co. It was clear from just a few listens that the Columbus rapper put a lot of energy into everything that he released, always striving to step things up a notch. His passion is simply unmatched.

After rolling out his incredible Lost Luggage series and a striking short film titled Alone Again, we just had to get to know the man behind some of the best songs and music videos coming out of Ohio right now.

I met up with Correy Parks at his friends studio on a Sunday and hung out with the two of them while they recorded some new music. The studio was in a small basement room but the vibes inside of it were huge. Classic record covers filled the wall behind Correy’s seat and he mumbled off some crazy melodies to a beat while I set up my camera. He seemed like the type of person that was always in their zone.

Watch our interview below to get to know the artist behind some of the best songs hitting Ohio’s streets. Correy Parks and I talked about traveling, the loss of his sister, passion, and of course music.


You can catch Correy Parks live at these upcoming events




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