I’m a huge fan of visual arts and between all of my social accounts, I’d say that I try to keep up with about 500 or so from Ohio alone. Out of all of those videographers, designers, photographers, painters and more, Cincinnati-based photographer Trey Barkett is hands down one of my favorite artists.

This time last year, I was covering his winter adventures (pictured below) and he has already grown a ton since then.

The young shooter has been taking a different approach lately and raising the bar for how Snapchat can be used on a daily basis. Barkett works within the limits of the iPhone 6 app to see how he can constantly capture moments using their black & white filter.

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This Thursday, February 25th, Trey Barkett will be showing some of the pieces at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center. The event is free and takes place from 6pm to 9pm, be sure to pull up and support the future.


To get to know more about the promising artist, watch his interesting interview with Cintagious below.

Follow Trey Barkett on Instagram for more!


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