Multifaceted artists Dwight Pettigrew and Magnus Juliano got together to bring the second Black Boy Magic installment to life. Both inspired by different things, they joined forces to create a single, fluid photo project that captures the essence of what both creatives are inspired and motivated by.

Columbus artist Magnus Juliano is well aware of the “aggressive black man” stereotype constantly depicted in mass media today, but he does not let that hinder his lifestyle. Rather than confining himself to what society expects of him, he steps outside of many boxes, freeing himself. He is exactly that, free, while modeling in Black Boy Magic 2: Alignment.

“I believe Black Boy Magic is a personal opinion but overall prompts positivity. We have had dope boy magic and now it’s time for a revolution. A new view of black men being more than the aggressor or drug cultured sponsor. In my opinion it is what we’ve had all along but only if we let our guard down can we accept it” says Juliano.


Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, photographer Dwight Pettigrew was able to bring Magnus Juliano’s ideas to life while seamlessly intertwining them with his very own vision. Growing up he was always inspired by both ancient and current Japanese art and culture, so using this temple as his backdrop was ideal.

“In my generation there are a lot of young black kids who are inspired by Japanese culture whether it is through anime, Japanese martial arts, or just Japanese art in general. I want to express that through this project and really show what type cultural style outside of my own inspires me to be who I am today” says Pettigrew.

BBM-14 BBM-15

I am all here for the care free black boy movements and individuals who are seeking inspiration far beyond the U.S. Hopefully this inspires you to see the good in your surroundings and yourself, like it has done for me.


Twitter: @NagaNoir@MagnusJuliano

Instagram:@illmaticdopeness + @magnusjuliano


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