About a month after releasing his debut solo project entitled First Semester, Cleveland rap artist Jawan resurfaces with a music video for its lead-single. Directed by Wenxin Yang, “New Beginning” is Jawan’s first music video and one of six tracks that tell the story of him transitioning from high school to college at Ohio State University. With G. Cal behind the piano centered and soothing production, the rapper is able to introduce his story before the beat comes to a climax and Jawan really lets loose to talk his sh*t. 

I don’t know about you but my first semester of college was one of the most stressful and difficult transitions that I’ve had to make. Jawan touches on this and many other things in just under 2 minutes on his relatable song. From this track and project below, it’s clear that he has a lot of potential to bring a unique sound and perspective to the Ohio music scene if he keeps at it.

“I took that pressure first semester, molded me into this”

Jawan: Twitter and Instagram

Wenxin Yang: Twitter


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