Gaining nearly 80,000 plays on Soundcloud alone, “PayBack” is one of Ripp Flamez‘ many hits blasting out of speakers religiously throughout Ohio streets and beyond. With Clockwork Muzik’s irresistible production behind Ripp Flamez’ unique and dynamic sound, and BFA Bleed’s street raps, this Cleveland collaborative effort was destined to blow no matter whose hands it did or did not land in.

Now with Columbus video director Khil Datta behind the lens, we receive a quality visual to go along with the hit song. We’re taken on a journey of Ripp chilling, linking with friends, hitting the club, and of course getting his payback in the clip below.

If you like what you just saw, stream his well received mixtape WaveForever. 

Ripp Flamez: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Khil Datta: Twitter

Clockwork Muzik: Twitter


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