MUST-LISTEN: “Sun Down” by NicNacc is the Only Chill Mix You Need [MIX]

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Unlike many of her DJ counterparts, up and comer NicNacc isn’t afraid to fuse your favorite tracks with a plethora of songs you weren’t expecting, introducing you to your new favorite tracks and even genres. Mixes around here need a lot more of that fresh feel if you ask me.

“Sun Down” releases right on time, with the days growing longer and the streets itching for the good vibes that come with warmer weather. NicNacc’s latest offering feels like sun rays kissing your face after a gloomy day; it’s uplifting and smooth.

NicNacc creatively and seamlessly transitions between artists like GoldLink, Tweet, Young Thug, Sango, Bryson Tiller, Disclosure, and many more in “Sun Down”.

Stream the refreshing mix below, I’m sure you’ll be riding and chilling to this for┬ásome time to come. She goes completely nuts during the second half!

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