Meet Tronmusic, One of Columbus’ Most Promising DJs [INTERVIEW]

Tronmusic photographed by @wyzeart

From spinning at the hottest new party in Columbus, #Trapathon, to getting the vibes right in go-to parties and festivals like For All Mankind and Fest, Tyler “Tronmusic” Harris is making a name for himself within a number of crowds.

The DJ/Producer plays to his audience while still managing to weave in relatively unheard of tracks and keep partygoers moving during any setting that you find him in.

To follow up on one of our favorite mixes from last summer, Tron liberates Medpack Vol. 2 after much anticipation and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Opening with Drake and Future’s latest heater “Grammys”, flexing his progress with smooth transitions, and showing that he always has his talented ear to the streets by playing crazy cuts from locals like SATELE’s undeniable joint “Bella Noches“, Tronmusic uses his new mix as a playground for music lovers.

We had the chance to speak with Tron about Medpack Vol. 2, his process, artists that he has his eyes peeled for, and much more. Check that out below along with his new offering.

VA: How long have you been DJing and producing?

TM: I’ve been DJing in the club since I was 15 or 16, so for about… 7 years. I’ve been producing for the last 4 of those years – you know you play other people’s music so much that you’re like ‘Damn, I need to go ahead and make some of my own stuff’.

What was your inspiration behind putting together Medpack Volume 2?

Honestly, a lot of songs that I’ve been noticing from artists that I like and fuck with at the moment. It’s all tracks that I’m hearing at the moment, think are changing the game, and drawing in on peoples focus. I would always like, or for at least the Medpack series, to share the producers and artists that I’m really messing with and show them some spotlight. I think it’s all important, whether you’re an artists or a producer, it all helps shape the culture. That’s where I draw the inspiration from.

What is the process like for you when you’re preparing to play a set?

I go in with the mindset of ‘alright, I know this is what people want to hear’ and figure out how I can mix that into something that I vibe with too. That’s the fun thing, mixing songs that people don’t necessarily know or mess with but then you mash it up with something else that they do know and they can then go on to vibe with it now.

A lot of times I relate DJing to equations. It’s all about where you’re at, what time it is, and all that. If you’re good at mixing a whole bunch of those equations, it just keeps adding up and adding up, and eventually people are having a really good time. It’s crazy. I feel like someone that is well versed in music and reading crowds is good at that. That comes with time and practice.

What’s your favorite thing about DJing?

I like being at the forefront of finding out new music and things like that. A lot of songs that people will eventually hear and songs that DJs have been listening to and stuff like that. It’s kind of funny because you almost never expect an artist that you mess with to blow up and when that happens it’s really cool.

I also like that I get to travel and see parts of places that I never have. I’ve seen a good amount of Ohio and I’m now venturing out into other states. It’s always cool to do that.

But really I just like to see people have a good time, you know. I don’t even necessarily like going out to clubs and stuff like that but getting those good reactions from people vibing with the music I play and controlling the room is really cool.

What would be your advice for anyone that’s interested in getting into DJing or producing? 

Have fun with it! Respect the craft and learn the technicalities of it. A lot of people want to get out here and DJ but they don’t know the craft. It took me a long time to learn just the basics. Also, always pay homage to those that made the lane for you to be able to do it. There are a lot of people out here who have been doing this shit before the age of the Internet so make sure you’ve got all of your ducks in a row. But other than that, just be you and have fun!

Who are some artists that you’re watching and are excited about this year? 

In 2016 I definitely have to say the homie Fab. We have a crazy concept and project getting ready to drop here soon! I’m really excited for that. A lot of people in my camp honestly. Kid Wonder is getting ready to come out with a crazy project. My homies Cholo and Boof. The artists that did the cover for Medpack Volume 2, 009 Kelechi, is putting out a lot of crazy visuals and designs right now.

Outside looking in, some people that I’m watching are Divine Council, I’m messing with ICYTWAT real heavy and I’m glad to see them getting a lot of good feedback, and I think it’s crazy how Lil Yachty has blown up in a mere few months! I’ve also been bumping some producers like my homie Lege Kale who is really booming, I’m really messing with SATELE’s vibe, and just people like that.

What’s your ultimate goal with music at the moment?

My ultimate goal is to really just be able to enjoy what I do in life. I feel like everybody should at least have the chance to do what they really like to do. Right now I work all of the time and I do a lot of other things. But besides seeing the world and seeing how my talents can blossom, I’d just really like to be happy in life. I know that’s kind of cliche and everybody says that but I want that and for all of my homies to win and get what they work hard for.

Keep your eyes peeled for Tronmusic’s new work with Fab, beat projects, and new mixes for the summer on his SoundCloud, Twitter and Instagram.


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