Bankie iZ is arguably one of the most creative rap artists to come out of the Buckeye state. His alter ego, Josh White, surfaced on the self-titled album earlier this year and this week, he’s back again with an eerie music video for “Why” produced by Believe.

Always making music for those that think differently than the average person close to the streets, Bankie fuses rhymes about being trapped in his mind with bars about selling bricks. He floats through each verse with a flow that only he could destroy with such ease.

Bankie iZ is clearly in his zone this year, in case you ever thought that he left it, and we know the Cleveland-bred artist can do damage when he gets the ball rolling. We’re excited for what’s next for him, but for now play “Why” back a few times and revisit Josh White below.

Twitter: @BankieiZ


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